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Fluorogenic Probes and Primers


Biosearch Technologies offers a variety of probe and primer formats for real-time qPCR gene expression and SNP genotyping.  As inventors of the Black Hole Quencher® (BHQ®) dyes, every probe format comes available with BHQ dye labeling in addition to a variety of other fluorophores such as FAM, TET, HEX, JOE, CAL Fluor® and Quasar® dyes and more!  View our Dye Selection Chart to see a list of dyes offered at Biosearch Technologies.

Dual-Labeled Probes
View Biosearch Technologies' wide selection of fluorophore-quencher combinations for TaqMan® probes. We routinely synthesize high-quality, HPLC purified TaqMan® probes and perform mass spec analysis on every order.

BHQplus™ Probes
Biosearch Technologies offers a new and advanced probe technology for qPCR - the BHQplus probe. The BHQplus probe is a fortified and compact probe with duplex stabilizing technology that enhances target specificity and maintains melting temperatures.

Molecular Beacons
Molecular Beacons' short complementary sequences hybridize to form a stem structure that holds the fluorophore and quencher close together in space. Biosearch Technologies currently offers Molecular Beacons labeled with either a Black Hole Quencher® or Dabcyl dye in addition to a variety of fluorophore reporter molecules.

Black Hole Scorpion® Primers
Black Hole Scorpion™ primers combines the probe and primer into one molecule and uses a uni-molecular mechanism that does not require enzymatic cleavage of the probe during PCR cycling. View Biosearch Technologies' selection of Black Hole Scorpion primers.

Amplifluor® Primers
Amplifluor® primers combine primer and probe in one molecule and are often used for SNP/mutation detection studies. View Biosearch Technologies' selection of Amplifluor primers.

Plexor™ Primers
With Plexor primers, in contrast to other PCR probe technologies, the accumulation of product results in a reduction in fluorescence. View Biosearch Technologies' current selection of Plexor primers.

Swine Influenza Panel


TaqMan® probes are traditional linear, dual-labeled FRET probes incorporating a quencher and fluorophore reporter covalently linked to the 3' or 5' ends of an oligo typically 20 to 30 bases long. Fluorescence is released during the 5' exonuclease activity of Taq polymerase, which cleaves the fluorescent dye upon a probe's hybridization to its complementary sequence. 

TaqMan® probes are ideal for detecting the presence and quantify the amount of specific target sequences. Biosearch Technologies offers a wide selection of dyes for labeling TaqMan® probes such as FAM, TET, HEX, JOE, TAMRA, BHQ®, and more for your real-time PCR experiment. 



  1. If your probe requires an internal quencher, select your quencher, and then click the ADD button after having typed the base positioned before the placement of your desired quencher.
  2. Adding an internal modification annotated by T(...) indicates that a Thymidine base is attached to the internal modification. Please be aware that an additional T base will be introduced into the sequence when adding such an internal modification.

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