HT 04/16 - HT 16/18
Volume: 4 - 16 l
max. Temp.: 1800 °C

High-temperature furnace, free-standing version, fibre insulation, MOSi2 heating elements, sturdy, professional design.

LHT 02/16 - LHT 08/18
Volume: 2 - 8 l
max. Temp.: 1800 °C

Compact high-temperature laboratory furnace with parallel movement of door. Excellent heat distribution, suitable for a wide range of applications thanks to integrated C42 controller 

L 2/10 - L 4/10
Volume: 2 - 4 l
max. Temp.: 900 °C

Small laboratory furnace for simple applications. Controller and heating are switched on separately. 

L 3 - L 40
Volume: 3 - 40 l
max. Temp.: 1100, 1200 °C

This laboratory series of furnaces is available for Tmax. 1100 °C or 1200 °C. Insulation made of vacuum-formed fibre material, optional brick insulation, three different controllers available for almost every application, GS symbol of approval.  

Universal Muffle Furnaces
LA 11/11, LA 11/12
Volume: 11 l
max. Temp.: 1100, 1200 °C

This universal muffle furnace, with its unbeatable price/performance ratio, can be used for numerous applications in research and in laboratory.

LH 15/12 - LH 120/14
Volume: 15 - 120 l
max. Temp.: 1400 °C

Robust laboratory furnace with heating from five sides. This series features excellent temperature distribution, short heating-up times and low connected loads.

Volume: 5 - 15 l
max. Temp.: 1100 °C

Incineration furnace - especially for the laboratory: 5 air exchanges, excellent temperature uniformity, preheating of inlet air, special steel casing

Muffle Furnaces wih Brick Insulation
N 31/H - N 61/H
Volume: 30 - 60 l
max. Temp.: 1280 °C

This range of furnaes is designed for workshop use and other harsh environments and processes which demand hard wearing brick insulation. The robust insulation of lightweight refractory bricks is able to withstand heavy loads associated with the heat treatment of metals.


Heat-proof face mask with fold-up visor.



Various tongs for safe and easy loading/unloading of the furnace.

max. Temp.: 600 °C

Heat-proof gloves for operator protection during charging /discharging products from the hot furnace, resistant up to 600 °C.

Hearth Plates

Hearth plates up to 1100 °C for protecting the furnace hearth for models N 7/H to N 61/H, edges on 3 sides.

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